Volterra: All you need to know

Located in the heart of Tuscany, at about 40km from the sea and at a short distance from the three Tuscan universities as well as the most important cities of art of the region (Firenze: 72 km; Siena: 50 km; Pisa: 64 km; S.Gimignano: 29 km), Any tourist must visit Volterra, which is also an ideal place for studies of every level and for relaxing holidays in a very suggestive landscape.

Located at the top of a high pass (at 545 metres above sea level), in an amazing panoramic position at watershed between the valleys of Cecina and Era, Volterra dominates, in complete solitude, a vast territory characterised by a very rich and diverse patrimony of historic, artistic and environmental origins.

In fact, contrary to the stereotype image of the volterran landscape which is always represented by a vast, barren area of small, round clayey humps, of steep rocky inlets and abrupt sandy cliffs, the surroundings of Volterra offer to the visitor an unexpected and multifaceted variety of environments and the enviable wealth of historic and artistic works which result from the several millennium long interaction between the very unique natural characteristics of this land and the various anthropological activities which took place on it during more than three thousand years.

Further information: Comune di Volterra Web Site

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