The valleys of Zeri, in Lunigiana, were forced for centuries to be isolated from the mountain chains of Tosco-Ligure- Emiliano Appennino. The Zeresca community has got ancient origins and it is sure that, it is the purer heir of the Ligurian population of the Apuan group. The historical data and consequently their interpretations are full of gaps, therefore it is not possible to trace a sure ancient history regarding these places, which all together have given life to the most wide Zeresca valley. It is certain that the history of Zeri is linked to the events of Pontremoli, whose protagonists were the Malaspina, the Bishops of Luni, the Genovesi, the Lucchesi and the Pisani. At that time life followed the rhythms and the cycles of the nature and the family , elementary nucleus of the community , acted as an independent productive unity. Here this internal independent balance is still evident , more than in the other valleys, and it has been kept for centuries with no essential alterations. These valleys are characterized by a natural, human and cultural integrity and that’s why people like them. Only recently the core of the new economy includes the exploitation of the snow with the realization of modern ski lifts in Zum Zeri.

Region Tuscany
Zone Lunigiana
Area Zeri
ZIP CODE 54029
District Massa-Carrara
Surface 73,66 km²
Inhabitants 1 097
Hamlets Adelano, Codolo, Coloretta, Noce, Paretola, Patigno, Rossano, Villaggio Aracci, Zum Zeri.
GPS 44°21′N 9°46′E

Useful Number

Emergency Tel. 118
Sea Emergency Tel. 1530
Emergency medical Service Tel. 118
Police Tel. 113
Carabinieri Tel. 112
Fire Fighters Tel. 115
Police Tel. 113

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