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Marble Museum: All you need to know

The civic Museum of Marble is located in Avenue XX Settembre to Carrara (MS). The Museum were built in 1982; it is a structure conceived by the Council of Carrara to document the local culture of the marble. It easily has practicable insides, with open spaces through numerous glass door. The offices, the stores, a laboratory, suitable services and an ample and functional meeting room complete the structure of the Museum of the Marble, one of the most modern in Tuscany. The material heritage of Carrara is displayed in five internal sections and one (a museum garden), in the open spaces which encompass different aspects of the complex and fascination world of Apuan marble: archaeological relics, drawings and photographs, plaster casts and educational models, gallery and the collection of modern sculpture, industrial work of art and original machines for marble quarrying and working:

The open spaces:

Museum Garden;

The museum garden holds numerous archarological and history exibits regarding marble querrying and working. Here it is possible to view machines used in the quarries up to the beginning of the twentieth century (wagons, sleighs and train engines used for the transport of marble blocks, the marble saw, the fishing whell, the helicoidal wire saw). Other exibits include columns, capitals and blocks (often signed or marked by quarry workers) from Roman times

Roman Archaeology and the History of the territory;

Presents a comprehensive image of the different aspects of marble quarrying in antiquity (examples of cuts made into the rock-face, votive statues, models reconstruct the process of the working of blocks),the history of the territory of Carrara and the photographic collection traces The Marble Gallery; over three hundred large samples of the most important types of marble, granite and ornamental stone from Italy and the rest of the world.

Industrial Archaeology ;

In this section they are shows manufactures (utensils to dig, to cut and to measure) in use until the beginnings of the twentieth century in the quarries and studios of Carrara, the collection of technical drawings and antiques photographs.

Technical Applications;

In the room of the technical applications it is possible to see the versatility of the employments of the marble in the various sectors of the craftsmanship of the architecture and of the decoration.

Sculptural plaster casts;

The section presents Plaster casts, reproductions in marble of decorations and reliefs coming from the Cathedral of S. Andrea in Carrara and from devotional marble kiosk situated in the apuan territory.

Modern Sculpture ;

Since 1957 the Council of Carrara has acquired numerous sculptures, many of which were first displayed in the city's International Binnial Sculpture Exhibitions. The collection represents different tendencies in post-war sculpture and the materials and techniques frequently used. Temporary exhibitions hosts temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography.

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