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Where do you dance in versilia?
Discos: Twiga Beach, Beach Club, Ostras Beach, Maki Maki, Seven Apples, La Capannina di Franceschi, Bussola Versilia: all the summer venues in Versilia 2018.
Summer sunny weather, sea and nightclubs in Versilia, the clubs of the most beautiful and fun coast of Italy come on with their evenings that offer music and entertainment 7 nights out of 7. A varied offer of evenings ranging from the most exclusive to easier, from the most elegant to the most informal, from those reserved for the public over to those dedicated to young and very young audiences.

Twiga Beach Club.
Address: Viale Roma, 2 Marina di Pietrasanta.
The most exclusive of the Versilia and Italian clubs.

Twiga Beach Club evenings are the triumph of exclusivity and fun. A unique nightclub that since 2001 has rewritten the rules of the night, first in Versilia, then in Italy and around the world becoming an internationally renowned brand, a reference point for those looking for the best and know how and where to find it.
The evenings begin with a fusion menu among the best dishes of the Twiga restaurant's Italian cuisine and Japanese specialties by the award-winning Sumosan. Dinner also available with tasting menu, turns into a real dinner show thanks to live performances by artists and groups that cheer the evening by taking off the fun.
After half past midnight you can dance in the super-elite without the swimming pool, in the exclusive area bordopiscina or on the beach, under the stars, pampered by the sea breeze and the rhythm of Italian and international top deejays.
In this period the most exclusive nightclub in Italy is open 4 nights out of 7:
- Twiga Friday with Ladies' Night
- Saturday Twiga with Stardust
- Tuesday Twiga, from 26 June, DOPE Night with hip hop, reggaeton and R & B
- Thursday Twiga, from June 28th

Beach Club Versilia.
Address: Viale IV Novembre, 18 Cinquale di Montignoso.
The Ibiza Style disco of Versilia.

Dj set facing the sea, LED Wall able to hypnotize the audience, spectacular entertainment and an incredibly powerful sound system are the characteristics of the evenings signed Beach Club. An extraordinary location, included among the WORLD'S FINEST CLUB.
The programming ranges from the musical genres - from the best house music to hip hop, from dance to reggaeton - but also from the evening formats - from aperitifs to sunset on the beach to the disco until dawn - and offers 4 occasions, every week, to experience the Ibiza-style fun in Versilia:
- Saturday Beach Versilia with Emotional (The night will do the rest)
- Sunday Beach with Aperishow
- Friday Beach with Hip Hop Attitude
- Wednesday Beach - from 20 June - with the M2O deejays

Ostras Beach Club.
Address: Viale Roma, 123 Marina di Pietrasanta.
The most elegant nightclub for the more adult public of Versilia.

Since 2007 the Ostras is the reference point for those seeking elegance, style and excellent music in Versilia. An open space for those who want to experience a night of emotions, freedom and fun. A place capable of strong choices such as the minimum age of 25 years to enter the Saturday night that have made it ideal for those looking for an adult audience and a more mature and refined fun.
The Ostras Beach events range from the evening with dinner-show and beach party, in the style of Saint Tropez, to the aperitif at sunset with the deejays of RADIO MONTECARLO, passing by one-night:
- Saturday Ostras, dinner-show, dj set on the beach and models of the Luca Scaglioni agency in Milan
- Domenica Ostras, aperitif at sunset with RADIO MONTECARLO
- Friday evening dedicated to one-night, like NINETY on June 22nd

Seven Apples.
Address: Viale Roma, 123 Marina di Pietrasanta.
The hottest summer edge-pool in Versilia.

From dance to hip hop, from house to reggaeton, from commercial to R & B. The nights signed by the Seven nightclub are a meltin'pot of styles, influences and musical genres.
- Friday with # Seven4Freedom in collaboration with the Kukù of Lucca.
- Saturday Seven with LadyBug
- Sunday Seven with aperitif at the poolside

Maki Maki Viareggio.
Address: Viale Europa, 7 Viareggio
The restaurant that brings the fun of the Versilia discos to the Viareggio dock.

Maki Maki - the only club in the Darsena with regular dance permits - is the reference point for those looking for music and entertainment made in Versilia in Viareggio. Its evenings are sparkling and start in the summer with an aperitif on the panoramic terrace, continue with dinner at the Maki Maki restaurant or the nearby Churrascaria with Brazilian rodizio and explode between the disco, the garden and the terrace.
- Maki Maki Thursday
- Friday Maki Maki
- Saturday Maki Maki

The Capannina di Franceschi.
Viale della Repubblica 16, Forte dei Marmi
The most historic among the Versilia discos.

Like a great classic that never goes out of fashion La Capannina Forte dei Marmi also this Summer, now its 89th, offers the evenings that made it famous:
- Saturday Capannina with DJ sets, live music and piano bar
- Monday Capannina dedicated to the younger public
- Jerry Calà in Capannina Friday, July 13th
- And then concerts, Friday and many other events.

Bussola Versilia
Address: Viale Roma, 44 Marina di Pietrasanta

The classic disco night in Versilia.
Saturday at the Bussola Versilia nightclub.

Dinners show with Sandro Pozzi, disco by the pool, guests and VIPs are the ingredients of the summer evenings of the Bussola, broadcast on Saturday live on frequency 102 | 103 FM of Radio Bruno.

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