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Мероприятие состоится в lungo la costa во Versilia


От 31-05-2019 до 02-06-2019


22:30 // 06:00


Twiga Beach, Forte dei Marmi.
Friday and Saturday under the stars in the most exclusive disco in Italy.
In the most elite of all the Versilia discos it is the time of the long awaited Summer Inauguration. On both evenings, after the dinner show - Friday with Alessandro Ristori & The Portofinos, Saturday with Roberta Bagnoli - you can dance under the stars on the beach, in the promenade with a bordopiscina and in the exclusive super-free pool.
To entertain at the time of music the highly selected audience will be the resident deejay Max Gigliotti and Saturday night the special guest Graziano Della Nebbia, the Milan's DJ to drink. Two highly anticipated events that have already triggered the race to win tables at dinner and after dinner, to secure entry.

Bussola Versilia, Marina di Pietrasanta.
Author's Friday with Patty Pravo and Saturday evening Vida Loca Inauguration.
Concert-event with the Piper girl at the Focette Compass. After the success of Peppino di Capri and waiting for the appointment with Gino Paoli on August 23rd. Latest availability for the "Compass of author" evening, a cycle desired by the new Angeli Entertainment management.
The venue completely changes its register on Saturday evening with the first of the evenings signed Vida Loca - the most overwhelming summer reggaeton, hip hop and dancehall party. All in the garden and around the Bussola pool with the cry of "Mami no pierdas Vida Loca", to the rhythm of the dj Tommy Luciani and in front of the special animation VL for a noche cicheente to dance until dawn. Entry woman over 18, man over 20.

Ostras Beach, Marina di Pietrasanta.
Saturday evening for adults and the following day preview of the #DiDomenica format.
After the success of last Saturday's inauguration, Ostras Beach returns with its evening of high-level entertainment reserved for the over 25 target (the only one among all the Versilia discos): dinner show with vip or standard menu and after dinner you can dance on beach. In console Saint Paul DJ and Andrew C, special guest Eleonora Rossi.
On Sunday the new Summer format kicks off: from 6 pm cocktails and bubbles with dj Massimo Logli, from 7.30 pm aperitif with buffet at sunset led by DJ Stefano Nardi, assisted by the voice of Simone Gencarelli, from 21 dj sets Element of Life and dinners at restaurant. Tables on the beach, aperitif and restaurant on reservation.

Beach Versilia, Cinquale.
Saturday night Ibiza style, Domenica AperiShow.
After the extraordinary opening on last Saturday, Particle is back again a regular event ready to write the Versilia Summer with sold-out evenings and to transform the beach on the border between Forte dei Marmi and Cinquale in an Ibiza-style disco. In console to unleash the public: Mirco Martini dj and Alessio Mosti.
Sunday evening, directly from Sarzana's Jux Tap where he broke every record in his fifth season, the APERISHOW appointment arrives at the Beach Club. In console the DJs Luca Giorgi and Joe Mazzola from Radio Nostalgia, showman of the evening Andrea Secci.

La Capannina di Franceschi, Forte dei Marmi.
Saturday night with Jerry Calà, Federico Scavo and Stefano Busà.
Saturday 1 June is the occasion for the great return of Jerry Calà Capannina, the summer one man show in Forte dei Marmi. Beside him in an extraordinary night to say the least, in the main room will be the special guest deejay Federico Scavo, while at the piano bar Stefano Busà and Stefano Natali will lead the fun.

Maki Maki, Viareggio.
Friday and Saturday in the Darsena.
A very special weekend for Maki Maki, the place that extends the limits of the fun of the Versilia discos up to the Darsena Viareggio. Dinners with set menu or à la carte and disco with tables on reservation both evenings. Friday with DJ Dave Bonini, Saturday night opening of the garden with dj Franco Lippi and Samuele Brotini.

Seven Apples, Marina di Pietrasanta.
Friday # Seven4Freedom, Saturday Mamacita and Sunday opening aperitif.
Friday the Kuku of Lucca moves to Versilia for the inauguration of the # Seven4Freedom format which will continue until September. Saturday night ready at the starting line the first evening Mamacita Seven Apples of the Summer. Sunday opening aperitif in bordopiscina, before the evening that prolongs the excitement of the weekend in Versilia until dawn on Monday morning.

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