Street Artists' Festival

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Die Veranstaltung findet im Centro Storico in Camaiore


Von 24-06-2017 bis 25-06-2017


Von 18:00 bis24:00


Third edition of the Street Artists' Festival
On Saturday 24 and Sunday, June 25, from 18:00 onwards, the streets and squares of the historic center will host jugglers, banquets, acrobats that will entertain the young and old with their magic for the 2017 Street Artists' Festival.
The CCN Natural Shopping Center organizer of the event is happy to be able to organize for 2017 a weekend dedicated to circus art and entertainment.
The event came this year to its third edition and we are delighted to have done a great teamwork among the middle traders
- announces the Chairman Alessia Angeli -
Although with several unforeseen events, the streets of the old town will be animated by clowns, bales and many other shows.

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