Review of painting at the europa gallery

30 Juni 2018
08 Juli 2018
21.00 - 23.30


Saturday 30 June 2018 at 9 pm, at the Europa Gallery on the Europa 41 promenade in Lido di Camaiore (Lu), the Fantastic fly painting festival will be inaugurated.
On display are recent paintings by Beppe Francesconi, Armando Orfeo and Valente Taddei. In contemporary Italian painting there is a consolidated line of expression linked to the fantastic: the three artists invited to this review proceed each in a personal way to build their own chimerical universe, an original visionary register, a private dream diary.
In the oils of Beppe Francesconi (Marina di Massa, 1961), the search for lightness, of fragile images without weight, with animals that tend to hover in flight, indicate the will to overcome reality to immerse themselves in the world of utopias and fairy tales . Its palette is in the colors blue and red, solar, the most congenial tones, alternating with suggestive nocturnal, where a sky full of stars becomes the ideal backdrop for magical evocations.
The protagonist of the mixed techniques of Armando Orfeo (Marina di Grosseto, 1964) is the 'Mr Cozza', a bizarre creature who lives in a dimension called 'Hyper-World', moving, restless and curious, among numerous allegorical objects and daring architectures. The artist emphasizes the non-sense inherent in the life of man, reproducing surreal situations in which the main path of salvation appears the Patafisica, the science of imaginary solutions.
Valente Taddei (Viareggio, 1964) realizes oil and ink paintings with a narrative cut, in which a tiny individual finds himself in contexts on the verge of paradox, suspended in time and space indefinite. The line traced by the artist follows the vicissitudes of his character, reckless but insecure, solitary presence in a cosmos of precarious equilibrium, an icon of human fragility poised between dream and unconscious.
The exhibition is sponsored by the City of Camaiore and is organized in collaboration with the Mercurio Arte Contemporanea gallery in Viareggio. It will remain open until July 8, 2018, every day, with hours 21 - 23.30.

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