Claudio bisio and gigio alberti in but you are happy

08 August 2020
08 August 2020
21:00 - 23:00


Are you happy?
reading-show from the book by Federico Baccomo
with Claudio Bisio and Gigio Alberti based on the book "Are you happy?" by Federico Baccomo Production Solea Distribution Terry Chegia

Two men sitting in the bar. They talk, they talk ... Nobody around them. Not even the waiters who should bring drinks. Strange situation. But the two don't mind. They talk. Of everything. Wives, children, relatives, young and old, adventures, betrayals, school, medicine, friends, work, crime. The two, Vincenzo and Saverio, are well-off, have everything you could want, maybe even more. But according to them, nothing goes as it should. And so they pitted their theories, their recipes for the solution of every problem. Which reveal all of man's worst flaws. Male chauvinism, egocentrism, racism, easiness, superficiality. But they do it with total unconsciousness, with such absolute candor that they are nice. From a single question they shy away. As if it were dangerous to deal with. How he could bring down the house of cards they are building. And the question is "Are you happy?". And what appeared to be a quiet chat at the bar will prove to be something more.

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