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The small town is famous because of the stay of Dante, but the Madonna of the Mountain (Madonna del Monte), with its monument to Blood Donors is really worth seeing: given its altitude, you can not only see the Lunigiana area but also the sea. From the Madonna of the Mountain to Montereggio: famous for its fortified church of Saint Apollinaire. The blessed Fogola, bishop who dyed martyr in China, was born here. In Mulazzo, you can visit the remains of the castle, of the Malaspina aqueduct , of a Byzantine tower, and of various mansions. You can also visit the Study Center, dedicated to the navigator Alessandro (Alexander) and the church of Saint Martin (San Martino). Before entering Mulazzo, there is another village: Groppoli, with its castle, villa and church, commissioned or rebuilt by the Brignole Sale of Genoa, following the projects of Matteo Vinzoni. Finally, you must visit the districts of Lusuolo and Campoli, with its imposing stele statue.

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