Luna Park

Luna Park: All you need to know

In the summer, the greatest attractions and the more amusing games wait for you every day at the Luna Park of Marina di Carrara, Cinquale and Lido di Camaiore. You will enjoy yourself with tens of spectacular attractions. First of all there's a romantic travel on the panoramic wheel, also in order to enjoy a beautiful view, and then a test of pilot ability on the track kart in order to defy the others competitors in a race to the last second; On the merry-go-round that we all have loved, still a present attraction, we can be threw from a friend to capture the "ribbon" and to win an other turn on the flying seats , and then living the truth of tomorrow, through group, virtual experiences; Entering in the biggest game-rooms with the best coin-op and all the latest innovations, simulators of guide, platform, arcade, soccer, ski, offshore, of target-shooting and you will have a good sight. You can try to hit the more difficult targets using pistols and guns... you won't be able to resist; Enjoy yourself with machines that defy all the laws of the nature! you will not know more where the sky is and where the earth is!

And I can assure you that, at the end, you will eat fabulous sandwiches, drinks and shakes, ice creams, a mug of beer, mini-meal to take away or to consume at the tables. Everyone will have a good time! Well, who has said that the Luna Park is only a whole of games of ancient origins? The Luna Park is, without doubt, an obligatory stage in your summer holydays!!

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