Garfagnana: All you need to know

Between unscalable chains of the Apuan Alps and of the Appennino lies the high and medium Valley of Serchio, rich in history and traditions. The history has left here marks on the city planning, on the palaces and on the defending walls. The valley is full of small villages where life follows the traditional activities, but the main quality is the presence of a still uncontaminated environment. It is possible to walk for entire days all around it 60.000 hectares of woods, where the charming nature is continuously changing. In the woods there is an alternation of hornbeams, turkey-oaks and birches. You can reach the beech-woods, then the moors and the meadows.

Moreover Garfagnana offers also “ secret and terrifying” places such as the natural caves of which the most known is the “Grotta del Vento” or such as the wild Valley of Scesta or the deep Orrido di Botri.

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Trip to the Cove of the Wind

Posted on: 15 Aug 2018

The Grotte del Vento are located in the heart of the Garfagnana, it is certainly a trip / excursion recommended for everyone, young and old.

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