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Filattiera is the old capital of the Byzantine dominion in Lunigiana; a village dating back to the Roman period was discovered near the church of Sorano. In the church of Sorano, elegant with its Lombard style shapes, there is a pre-Christian idol. In the military style (castrense) chapel of Saint George (San Giorgio), you can see: the VIII century stone that tells the story of a religious man who smashed the pagan idols, founded churches and converted the populations. Districts of the town to be visited:Caprio and Ponticello, full of medieval tower houses.

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  • Market
    Tuesday Cinquale
    Friday ( Centre ) Marina di Massa
    Everyday ( Centre ) Partaccia
  • Clubs
    Fuori di Massa - Via Lungomare di Ponente 70
    Marina di Massa
    Swamp - Via del Bravo, 54033
    Beach Club - Viale IV Novembre, 18
    Theremin (ex baraonda) - Via Stradella, 547
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