Pinguini tattici nucleari in outside the hype tour at the versilia arena

13 August 2019
13 August 2019
21:00 - 24:00


Nuclear Tactical Penguins, fresh from the release of the fourth album Fuori dal'Hype (released April 5 for Sony) will arrive on the stage of the Arena della Versilia.

More than 20 million streaming and over 7 million views on Youtube for the band led by Riccardo Zanotti who, before presenting Fuori dall'Hype, published the Verdura singles - inserted in Indie Italia by Spotify, which has almost reached two millions of plays in just over a month - Sashimi and the title track Out of the Hype.

“Hype is a word that has entered the common language for some years. For an artist, generating hype means creating great expectation for one's product.
The Hype cannot be explained, it has no rules: it happens, or it does not happen.
Many artists spend their lives chasing the chimera of the Hype, they run and struggle to be the chosen ones. Often the Hype settles on those other artists who are still, immobile, and don't want it, like a butterfly. Fly where the wind takes you, and then leave again. Who is out of Hype lives where the wind does not carry butterflies.

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The events takes place: Arena della versilia Via foce morta, 131 54038 (MS)

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