Levante from dawn to dusk

19 August 2021
19 August 2021
20:45 - 23:30


Levante From sunrise to sunset

Levante - Two new artistic productions for the singer, both revolve around the great themes of the end and the beginning.

In fact, on Friday 21 May the new song "From sunrise to sunset" was released, a hypnotic ballad that revolves around what are commonly considered "opposite poles", such as sunrise and sunset, day and night, the beginning and the end, and all those extremes which in reality imply by their nature a condition of reciprocity and dependence

How to reach:

The events takes place: Villa Bertelli Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 200 55042 (LU)

Ticket office:

Entrance for this event is subject to charges 38/43/50

Further info about tickets:
Ticket office Website

Useful info:

Fondazione Villa Bertellli
Phone: +39 0584787251
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