Enrico brignano in the arena of versilia

08 August 2019
08 August 2019
21:30 - 24:00


After the great success of Innamorato Perso, the theatrical show produced by Max Produzioni and Vivo Concerti, with which he made the Italian public laugh and excite in the arenas of 14 cities along the entire peninsula, the Golden Ticket Enrico Brignano is getting ready to return to being the protagonist of the summer of 2019 with I would like only one hour, his new and unmissable one-man show that challenges and chases time. In August 2019, the tour of I would like only one hour will stop in some of the most suggestive locations in all of Italy, from North to South.

Ruit hora, said the Latins. Time flies, we echo it today. What then, what will the time have to do with all this haste? And why, if time goes so fast, when we're at the traffic lights, does it never pass?

Waiting for pleasure is pleasure itself, argued Oscar Wilde. In fact, Oscar is right. Because when you are in the sun at the bus stop, your feet hurt, there are no benches, it's lunch time and you don't even have a package of crackers ... and going home would be a pleasure itself ... there waiting of pleasure ... please ... we understand that it is a pleasure, no? I think Oscar Wilde's theories are a bit revised ...

Walking in his past, among memories and new proposals that represent a bridge thrown on the future, Enrico walks on the dotted line of our present, hops between the minutes, tries to enclose the river of words he has in store for his audience and to concentrate them as much as possible, in an hour and a half of show. Yes, an hour and a half. But the title says an hour only. Yes, but won't the academic half-hour go? And then there is the conditional I would like, which indicates a desire not a reality. Or maybe Brignano will magically succeed, together with its audience, in stopping time too?

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The events takes place: Arena della versilia Via foce morta, 131 54038 (MS)

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Entrance for this event is subject to charges 32/69

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Arena della Versilia
Phone: +39 0585 19811016
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