Comano: All you need to know

Comano is famous for its castle that was given in dowry in 938 by King Ugo to his wife Berta. The castle hosted the countess Matilde and Castruccio Castracani to be then purchased by the Malaspina family. Today there only remains the ruins of the castle which can be visited like the ones of Groppo San Pietro. The Coman District offers the spectacle of picturesque landscapes such as Camporaghena and Lagastrello.

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  • Weekly Market
    Tuesday Cinquale
    Friday ( Centre ) Marina di Massa
    Everyday ( Centre ) Partaccia
  • Clubs
    Fuori di Massa - Via Lungomare di Ponente 70
    Marina di Massa
    Swamp - Via del Bravo, 54033
    Beach Club - Viale IV Novembre, 18
    Theremin (ex baraonda) - Via Stradella, 547
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