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Which location and Hotel in Versilia to choose for your holiday in Tuscany?

The Coast of Versilia, located in the north of Tuscany, is over 20km long (beaches, luxury hotels and also cheap accommodations) and includes several seaside resorts starting from Torre del Lago fraction of Viareggio passing through Lido di Camaiore and Marina di Pietrasanta, arriving to the renowned Forte dei Marmi VIP center of Versilia.
In the immediate vicinity, on the border with Forte dei Marmi, it is necessary to mention other beautiful seaside resorts such as: Marina di Massa, Ronchi, La Partaccia, Cinquale and Marina di Carrara, all located a few minutes by car or bicycle from Versilia .

Our coast is well known for its long and fine sand beaches, hotels of every category for families with children, couples looking for a young people looking for fun in the beach clubs located along the Versilia coast.

Other locations along the Tuscany coast

"3 things" you must see in Versilia

There are many things to do and see in Versilia during the summer, whether your holiday lasts a day, weekends or more weeks.
What is the best time to come to Versilia and the "Tuscany Coast"? Surely from Spring (Easter) until late September.
We thought it would be useful to list the most interesting places nearby, the most visited attractions/sights and some tips on how to spend your free time once you arrive in Versilia.

Colonnata is one of the best things you must see near Carrara


With over 40 marble quarries, Colonnata is the country of Roman origin very famous all over the world for its exquisite Lardo, once the "companatico" of the Carrara quarrymen.

  • Carrara
Festival Versiliana is one of the best things you must see near Marina di Pietrasanta

Festival Versiliana

The outdoor festival of Marina di Pietrasanta, for over 39 years has hosted great Italian artists, journalists, writers and musicals during the summer.

  • Marina di Pietrasanta
The Cove of the Wind (Grotta del Vento) is one of the best things you must see near Lucca

The Cove of the Wind (Grotta del Vento)

Located in Garfagnana (Lucca), the Cove of the Wind is full of comfortable paths that allow you to admire the wonders of the underground world in the light of the floodlights: from the stalactites and stalagmites alive and brilliant.

  • Lucca
There is much more to see in Versilia