Tribute to walt disney magic & music

20 Août 2021
20 Août 2021
21:30 - 23:00


The Verdi Theater of Montecatini Terme
Tribute to Walt Disney
Magic & Music

The most extraordinary Disney movie soundtracks
Direction / Piano / Keyboards Maestro Andrea Albertini
with the soloists of the Alexandria Classical Orchestra
and the extraordinary participation of the Blue Dolls

The Verdi Theater in Montecatini Terme presents a new and fascinating project: a show dedicated to the figure and work of one of the most famous fathers of animated films, Walt Disney. In just 34 years of career, Walt Disney has received twenty-six Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, an Emmy Award, a David di Donatello and two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; the merit of him greater than him, however, is to have told us immortal stories and to have given life to characters who have entered the heart of each of us. He was able to believe in his dreams so much that he was able to make them come true, and with his cartoons he managed to instill in us the same certainty of being able to change reality with the courage of our desires. On the famous notes of the timeless Disney classics, the public will be accompanied on a journey that will retrace the main stages of Walt Disney's artistic career; during the evening, the songs will be punctuated and interspersed with the interventions of a voiceover who, as if it were Walt Disney himself speaking, will take us to the center of the creative universe that gave life to his characters and his stories .

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in “The Little Prince”, “All grown-ups were children once, but few of them remember it”. This show is for all of them, for adults, for children, and for the children that we have been and who are always with us.

The concert will be performed by the soloists of the Alexandria Classical Orchestra. For the occasion, the line-up will consist of the classic string quintet (two violins, viola, cello, double bass), percussion and multi-instrumentalist Giuseppe Canone (sax, clarinet, accordion and bandaon), directed and accompanied on piano and keyboards. by Maestro Andrea Albertini.

Maestro Andrea Albertini, born in 1966, is a pianist and brilliant conductor. He is the creator of the show "Homage to Morricone - Oscar music" and creator of the musical ensemble Le Muse. In his career he has collaborated with internationally renowned soloists and orchestras, performing in major Italian theaters, and beyond. His are the inspired words that the actor / Walt Disney will bring to life throughout the show.

The show is embellished by the voices and choreography of the Blue Dolls, a female vocal trio formed by Daniela Placci (first soprano), Angelica Dettori (second soprano) and Flavia Barbacetto (contralto). Their line-up was born in 2005 and offers a repertoire that ranges from 1940s Andrews Sisters-style vocal arrangements to Italian Trio Lescano-style arrangements, with forays into light music. The Blue Dolls have over 700 concerts to their credit and boast numerous television appearances.

The scenography will be animated by the video projections of Jacopo Rachlik, a famous international visual artist who will elaborate the pieces of the program in an emotional and immersive way.

Basic program of songs:
DREAMS ARE DESIRES (from "Cenerentola" 1950)
WALZER (from "Sleeping Beauty" 1959)
CRUDELIA DE MON (from "The charge of 101" 1961)
SUITE BY MARY POPPINS (from "Mary Poppins" 1964)
THE NARROW ESSENTIAL (from "The Jungle Book" 1967)
ARISTOGATTI SUITE (from "Gli Aristocatti" 1970)
IT'S A STORY YOU KNOW (from "Beauty and the Beast" 1991)
SUITE DA ALADDIN (from "Aladdin" 1992)
SUITE FROM THE LION KING (from "The Lion King" 1994)
SUITE FROM THE HUNCHBACK OF NIGHT DAME (from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" 1996)
MEDLEY FANTASY (includes excerpts from the most recent Disney animated films)
And many others

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