The chili pepper day 2019

03 Août 2019
03 Août 2019
18:00 - 24:00


The Chili pepper Day® chasing the World Record!
Saturday, August 3, 2019 the eighth edition of the event dedicated to the king of spices organized by Carmazzi and Città di Viareggio attempts to record the record for the largest collection of chilli peppers on display.
On Saturday 3 August 2019 the Peperoncino Day® returns to Viareggio, the event dedicated to his majesty the chilli. The eighth edition will be even more special than the previous ones because the objective will be to
record the WORLD RECORD for the exposed collection of chillies bigger than ever.
To organize the event, born from an idea by Adolfo Giannecchini, is once again the Carmazzi Agricultural Company in collaboration with the City of Viareggio. "Our centennial experience in the agricultural sector and over 15 years of passion and study of chilli will concentrate in an unforgettable evening, in the heart of our city: the Viareggio Promenade", explains Marco Carmazzi, patron of Peperoncino Day®.
The work to prepare for the record attempt is so complex: "We have been working for months to prepare for the event," says Giacomo Carmazzi, manager of Mr PIC. "Since last winter our experts have been working in our greenhouses to cultivate the several hundred varieties of peppers that will make up the largest and most complete exposure ever."
An ambitious goal that requires sacrifice, dedication and a lot of competence. The evening, conducted by Alice Martinelli of Le Iene (Italy 1) and Dario Boldrini of GEO (Rai 3), will be full of entertainment.

It will start at 18.00 with the setting up of over 100 meters of exhibition, with hundreds and hundreds of different varieties of chili. From the most known and consumed to the rarest and most rare, cultivated in Tuscany but originating from all over the world, from Asia to South America, from Europe to Africa. Reds, yellows, greens, whites, oranges, purples, blacks ... and of any shape and size: from the classic croissant to the most curious and particular conformations.

Around 8:30 pm the jury composed of experts from the University of Pisa, members of the Italian Chili Pepper Academy and the WCA - World Chilli Alliance will verify the actual achievement of the World Record and, if successful, will officially assign the attestation for the World's Largest Exposed Chili Collection.
An important milestone for chilli lovers, but also and above all for the scientific and botanical value that the collection itself represents: a vast archive of biodiversity started by Massimo Biagi and carried forward with passion by Carmazzi. A seed bank of over 1500 varieties of chili peppers, launched by Biagie expanded by the Mr PIC team with years of work and research in collaboration with the University of Pisa and Prof. Amedeo Alpi (professor of plant physiology).

Around 9.30 pm the Chili Pepper Eaters Competition will start: ten “daring palates” will compete in the spiciest contest of the summer 2019, gradually tasting more and more atomic varieties. The winner is the title of Champion of Chili Pepper Day® 2019 and a supply of spicy products Mr PIC. Guinness World Record holder Jack Pepper will be guest and commentator of the race and the World Record Attempt.

"Chilli pepper, compared to vines, olives and cereals, is a niche production for Tuscany, but around it and its various uses, from gastronomic to ornamental, a great interest has developed both economically and culturally.
The Peperoncino Day of Viareggio also becomes an opportunity to raise awareness of agricultural territories and entrepreneurs, with an incentive perhaps to visit them "stresses the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Marco Remaschi. "There are so many, hundreds, the varieties selected by the organizers and growers over the years - adds Remaschi -. And the effort, which led to the creation of a seed bank, also has a value for safeguarding biodiversity, a subject on which Tuscany has always been sensitive in the past ".

“For the 2019 edition of Peperoncino Day the frame of the Belvedere delle Maschere was chosen on the beautiful Promenade a mare. The fact of bringing this expected event - declared Patrizia Lombardi, Councilor for Economic Development of the Municipality of Viareggio - in the most frequented place of the city is an opportunity to give greater visibility to the annual appointment that for 8 years now has been the protagonist of our city . That of Peperoncino Day is a well-established event that manages to move a consistent number of publics more and more interested and fascinated by this small but powerful agricultural product. For the walk and for the commercial activities this event is a further reason of visibility and prestige, so much so that the managers of the premises have worked to dedicate gastronomic preparations and drinks that will see the spicy fruit par excellence.
For this year, therefore, Peperoncino to taste, to taste, to study with sea view, admiring the amazing show that only the sunset at sea is able to offer! All I can do is congratulate the organizers and thank the partners for the important contribution. The Municipal Administration of Viareggio - Lombardi concludes - is always in support of these great events that enhance our places and bring public to the territory. "
Will the Pepper Chili Day® 2019 record the coveted RECORD?

To find out, we are waiting for you on Saturday 3 August 2019 starting at 6.00 pm in Viareggio between Piazza Mazzini and Belvedere delle Maschere.

For info and program To participate in the Chili Pepper Eaters Contest send your own
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