Roby facchinetti to villa bertelli

17 Août 2020
17 Août 2020
21:30 - 23:59


Camillo Ferdinando Facchinetti known as Roby (Bergamo, 1st May 1944) is an Italian musician and singer, keyboard player and historical voice of the Pooh.

In 1966 the Pooh are still a "beat" group that has recently changed its structure, after the first five amateur years with the name "Jaguars", when the young Facchinetti joined the group in May of that year.

He quickly assumes a predominant role in the complex: he immediately becomes the composer of most of the pieces, for example he is the first of the group's non-cover songs of the group "Facchinetti-Negrini", it is Brenner '66, a song brought with little success at the "Rose Festival" in 1966 (in addition to being the author, Roby is also its interpreter).

The piece is censored by Rai, it is also ordered to change the title and change the text, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

It thus becomes "The bells of silence", in a radio performance disturbed by technical problems that do not allow it to be listened to: the song ranks last.

His role as a vocal leader continued throughout the eighties and was confirmed on the occasion of the 1990 Sanremo victory, where Roby was entrusted with an important part of the piece Solo men.

In 1991 he wrote two pieces for Marcella Bella. He participates in the 57th edition of the San Remo festival, alongside his son Francesco, with the song "Living normally", centered on the theme of love and family relationships.

After the first performance, however, the two are harshly criticized by the expert Mario Luzzatto Fegiz on the occasion of the after-festival. Despite everything, the two are ranked eighth.

He released his third solo album in 2014: titled Ma che vita la mia, it also contains a duet with the Turin soprano Valeria Caponnetto Delleani (daughter of Silvana Aliotta) in the song Poeta, dedicated to Valerio Negrini.

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