Reflections on rights at the xv, carrara festival con-vivere 2020

10 Septembre 2020
13 Septembre 2020
17:00 - 23:59


Gustavo Zagrebelsky, Tiziano Treu, Enrico Giovannini, Gianrico Carofiglio, Lella Costa, Stefano Mancuso, Stefano Allievi are some of the protagonists of the con-vivere 2020 Festival.

The fifteenth edition curated by Chiara Saraceno from 10 to 13 September. "Rights" is the theme of this year

Now in edition number XV, the con-vivere Festival continues the reflection on the quality, the contexts, the critical issues that characterize social relations in contemporary societies, a red thread that unites the various editions since its origins. This year it will do so with "Rights", a theme identified for the 2020 edition. Chosen before the Covid-19 emergency, with the pandemic and its consequences, this theme has revealed all its relevance. Con-vivere 2020 will therefore propose a reflection on many aspects related to "Rights", highlighting the achievements and failures in the development of a culture of rights, the asymmetries - between the sexes and social groups - in seeing them recognized, the possible conflicts are between different rights and between subjects of different rights and the ways in which they find, or do not find, forms and rules of composition between opposite needs.

Scientific consultant for this edition will be Chiara Saraceno, a well-known sociologist, who has dedicated herself over the years to important studies and research on the themes of inequalities (starting from those of gender) on families, poverty and social policies.

The format of the festival will maintain the articulation in four days (from 10 to 13 September) from 17 to 24. The locations (at the moment) chosen for this edition are via Plebiscito, the garden of Palazzo Binelli and the Cinema Garibaldi.

The audiences will be set up taking into account the Covid-19 anti-contagion legislation: a distance of one meter will be provided between each seat, which will be numbered and will be accessed only by free reservation through the festival website, available from July 20 pv In addition to the presence, the conferences will also be made available in live streaming on the new festival website, to enhance communication and the possibility of participating in the event also through digital channels.

"These are necessary measures for which we ask the collaboration of the festival public, who has always followed the event with attention and participation - says the President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara Enrico Isoppi - the organizational effort will be considerable, but we have not wanted to give up. Rather - remarks Isoppi - we live the appointment as a small great moment of rebirth for culture and with culture, for the values ​​it transmits to us and, more generally, for the economic world that revolves around ".

The program

The idea that "you have the right to have rights" marked the entrance into modernity. It was not, however, a peaceful and linear process, much less accomplished and acquired once and for all. While in some countries basic human rights (freedom, habeas corpus) are still lacking, in others there are still asymmetries between who can assert their rights and who cannot; or conflicts arise over who "has the right to have rights".

Changes in the economy and in the labor markets render, when they do not cancel, rights that appeared to be permanently insured, while some political groups and governments reduce, or cancel, civil rights that had been painstakingly acquired. At the same time, new areas in which to bring out the issue of rights are brought into focus: sexuality, reproduction, health, the environment and so on (among other things, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals).

The word appointments of the Festival will focus attention on some crucial issues, "hot" issues to reflect on the importance of the reference to rights today. In defining the contents of this edition, a comparison with the current situation of the pandemic was naturally necessary, in relation to the chosen theme, which became even more dramatically topical. The lockdown, far from reducing inequalities, has, in fact, widened them, adding new ones as a paradoxical, but not unexpected, consequence of public choices to face the pandemic. Many of the speeches, therefore, will inevitably refer to this context and to the new problems that have emerged.

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Les événements ont lieu: via Plebiscito centro città 54033 (MS)

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