Maurizio battista -but it didn't have to be all right-

23 Août 2020
23 Août 2020
21:30 - 23:59


Returning from the record success of the Olympic Theater which has recorded over 47,000 appearances in five weeks, after the masterful test of actor in the transmission for Rai Due "Little by little" in which we were able to admire him in a different guise demonstrating an all-round maturity, this new show by Maurizio Battista represents a return to the scenes and to life, in which the artist and his audience regain possession of the live spaces for a fun evening in maximum safety.

Rome is the lifeblood from which Maurizio draws the strength that he gives in turn to his public for this reason once again it is precisely from the capital that starts off again with enthusiasm.

Thanks to his proverbial irony he will address the issues that have changed the world and everyone's lives, to make it an object of reflection, but underlining the grotesque and contradictory aspects that, despite the inconvenience, have constituted a reason for hilarity.

The show framed by an imposing LED structure, on which significant video contributions will be made, has a very topical theme. Right from the title it is clear how each topic from awareness campaigns to television debates made up of a thousand conflicting voices, from "direct" social networks to DIY solutions, are an opportunity to let us have fun with intelligence.

Every aspect of the show, thanks also to the use of music and that of the original video contributions, is useful for alternating thoughtful moments with moments of greater lightheartedness. Battista in a continuous confrontation between Italy and the rest of the world is ready to let us spend an evening that we will remember for a long time with joy.

Because through the eyes of the comedian the world seems more familiar, more beautiful or at least more human and because with wit and simplicity Maurizio brings on stage a real philosophy of life.

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