Gualazzi live summer 2021

24 Août 2021
24 Août 2021
21:30 - 23:30



In this summer of great restarts, Raphael Gualazzi is also back as a protagonist on the Versiliana stage.

In his concert, the singer-songwriter and composer will retrace his career among songs from his repertoire and reinterpretations of goodies and standards of international blues / soul, as well as some surprises.

Born in 1981, Gualazzi is one of the great talents of Italian music abroad. From the triumph in France of "Reality and Fantasy" (at the top of airplay and digital rankings) to the consecration to the Eurovision Song Contest where he conquered the second place, Gualazzi has not ceased to be appreciated by the public all over the world, with important tour in Europe but also in Canada and Japan (where in 2018 he published "Best of", a collection of hits).

Singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, musician and producer, Raphael after his classical studies at the Conservatory has always experimented with different musical genres, giving life to a very personal style, between stride piano, jazz, blues and fusion.

Five albums to his credit (Love Outside the Window - 2005, Reality and Fantasy - 2011, Happy Mistake - 2013, Love Life Peace - 2016, Ho un piano - 2020) and three Ep in Italy (always with Sugar), Gualazzi has published worldwide. In 2020 he participated in the Sanremo festival with the song "Carioca", which anticipated the release of his latest album "I have a plan". Gualazzi has also composed for TV and cinema.

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