Festival country 2018

23 Novembre 2018
25 Novembre 2018
10:30 - 23:00


Among polished spurs, American Indians, carriages, rural atmospheres, wide-brimmed Stetson hats, typical food and wine, country dances and music opens the exciting Country Festival, which will take place at Carrara Fiere on 23-24-25 November 2018, in the context of the World Festival.
You will live the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country atmosphere with thematic areas of various kinds; a great stage that will host artists of various kinds: bands, international bands, choreographers, master dancers who will give dance lessons, engaging and traditional games for a non-stop fun.

And still exhibitions on the history of the conquest of the west, split of Indian life, typical settings with Indian tents and wagons will be the setting for a six days of engaging party !!!
A refined enogastronomic proposal, you can taste traditional and typical products of country cooking; strong and slightly spicy flavors, but also recipes and delicious dishes such as: stews, ribs, steaks, potato pie, meat chili, red beans and much more.
A large number of stands and exhibitors will be the corollary that will showcasing and selling themed work, hand-crafted leather, iron, style clothing, western and vintage items, hats, boots, knives, outdoor equipment, jewelry and customized accessories.

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Les événements ont lieu: Carrara Fiere Viale Maestri del Marmo 54033 (MS)

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