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Events at Villa Bertelli
Forte dei Marmi
from 6 August 2022 to 19 August 2022

Tribute to Morricone Oscar-winning music
August 6, 2022
Hours: 21:30

A musical journey into the art of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, Ennio Morricone.
The challenge that Omaggio a Morricone - Musiche da Oscar proposes is to pay homage to him in a different way than usual, moving away from pedisseque reworkings of his repertoire. The success of recent years and the affection with which the public returns to the theater to attend the concert are enough to demonstrate the happy outcome of this test.
Artistic cast:
The instrumental protagonist of the concert will be the prestigious Ensemble LE MUSE, which had the honor of representing Italian musical excellence in the inauguration of the semester of Italian presidency at the EU with two unforgettable concerts in Ankara and Istanbul.
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Jethro Tull in concert
8 August 2022
Hours: 21:30

Jethro Tull - Progressive rock group, originally from Blackpool in England, founded in 1967 by Scottish Ian Anderson (transverse flute and multi-instrumentalist). The training takes its name from the pioneer of modern agriculture, the agronomist Jethro Tull (1674-1741). Their music is characterized by the dominant presence of the transverse flute, played by the virtuoso leader Ian Anderson. After a debut in the name of the reference to the blues, Jethro Tull crossed the history of rock, experimenting with various genres: from folk rock to hard rock, from progressive rock to classical music.
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Ermal Meta - SUMMER TOUR 2022
August 9, 2022
Hours: 21:30

ERMAL META made everything official with a social message to his fans, who were anxiously awaiting the news: this summer the artist will return to perform live!
From 4 March in all digital stores and in all radios, a new single, a new project, a beautiful adventure written with 4 hands: A BIGGER STORY, sung by Ermal Meta and Giuliano Sangiorgi and practically at the same time, the announcement of the 2022 Summer Tour.
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Al Bano Tour Live Show
August 10, 2022
Hours: 21:30

Al Bano, exceptional performer, versatile talent who has collected successes all over the world with 26 gold records, 8 platinum and many hits is leaving for the national and international tour with the show distributed by D.M. Productions by Danilo Mancuso.
The show contains the successes that dot his long career from Nel sole with one million and three hundred thousand copies sold in Sharazan, Felicità, Nostaglia rogue.
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Francesco Gabbani live 2022
11 August 2022
Hours: 21:30

Francesco Gabbani announces the dates of the summer tour with which he will tour Italy to present live his new record work We wanted only to be happy, a tour with which Gabbani will return live after the last concert held on July 4, 2021 at the Arena di Verona and will finally be able to embrace its supporters again.
The tour, produced by Vivo Concerti, will see Francesco Gabbani accompanied by his band composed of Filippo Gabbani (Drums), Lorenzo Bertelloni (keyboards), Giacomo Spagnoli (bass) and Marco Baruffetti (guitar).
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Grease - the musical
12 August 2022
Hours: 21:30

GREASE The Musical is an overwhelming party that has ignited Italian audiences since 1997, and has started the musical-mania by transforming itself into a real phenomenon of "pop" costume, an intergenerational cult that has never been so current and is very much loved even by the new generations.
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The sword in the stone - the musical
13 August 2022
Hours: 21:30

The sword in the stone, a musical by the Company of Ants. In 2016 the show won the first prize of the national competition of the original musical "PrIMO".
A powerful wizard, a wicked fairy and a kingdom disputed between good and evil. When young Arthur is called to become a great man, his life will change forever. Destiny will drag him into a whirlwind of love, adventure and dangers, and he will only be able to count on his intelligence, sharp as a sword, and on his heart, strong as a rock.
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Andrea Pucci - The best of ...
August 16, 2022
Hours: 21:30

Andrea Pucci in "The best of ..." will be a work in progress retracing OUTSIDE THE THEATER SCHEMES the sketches that have made him famous in recent years up to now, involving the audience, all accompanied by the Zurawski live band.
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Roberto Vecchioni Tour 2022
August 18, 2022
Hours: 21:30

Roberto Vecchioni L’Infinito is a great show of songs, images and monologues. A recent, new concept of mine emerges, of great love for everything that is done and lived. But it is also a kind of return, a look at the past with the songs from before ... And how then everything came together in a single idea, which is to love life, however it may be, good or bad because in reality it is always beautiful . It is we who sometimes imagine it in another way.
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Q.T.M. These cursed Tuscans
19 August 2022
Hours: 21:30

Q.T.M. These Cursed Tuscans with Sergio Sgrilli, Paolo Migone, Cristiano Militello and Leonardo Fiaschi, with the participation of the musical group The Band!
Concept and direction by Sergio Sgrilli
There are not many Tuscans who have a national popularity despite having maintained their regional characteristics. At the base of everything is the idea that Sgrilli, the landlord, launches to others: do we do something together?
Their reaction is waiting to be discovered… The comic monologues that have made them famous will alternate with improvisations, gags and hilarious moments in which raw Tuscan irony will dominate. All enriched by the live music of a micro band at the service of the four stars of comedy.
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