Aperitif of mystery

02 Août 2017
02 Août 2017
20:00 - 22:00


Cultural Association NATI PER SCRIVERE
A Book at Sunset - Second Night
Wednesday 2 August, 8 pm
Artiglio bath
Via Barellai 3, Viareggio (LU)

Second evening of the A sunset book, organized by the Cultural Association Nati to write, to support the authors of our territory. On August 2, the Bagno Artiglio, in Viareggio, is black and pink, for the Aperitivo del Mistero, a feminine evening devoted to the literature of tension, with Daniela Tresconi and Chiara Boschi.

Daniela Tresconi, archbishop writer, will present The Line of Destiny (Panesi Edizioni, 2017), his historical mistery set in the medieval hamlet of Arcola, in the Valle del Magra, a story that runs on three different temporal levels. His novel. Three women lived in different times, from the Middle Ages to our day, but united by a secret tied to the castle of the village.

Chiara Boschi, author of Pisan, will talk about his novel Dark Crusade (Dark Zone, 2017), the first of a series of yellow books set in the fictitious Tuscan town of Ronvoli. In the novel, Commissioner Mori will have to solve a chilling crime, with the complicity of his grandson, as scrupulous and enterprising as he is brazen.

Two readings full of tension, to give some hope to the readers in this hot summer.

The event will be coordinated by the writers Alessio Del Debbio and Elena Covani and will take place at Bagno Artiglio, Via Barellai 3, one of the seaside resorts of Viareggio's Passeggiata a Mare, at 8 pm, an opportunity to relax and meet some local writers .

To keep up-to-date on events and any changes, the Facebook page of the A Sunset Book page is on the web with the program and many curiosity about the authors and their novels.

For information:
Bagno Artiglio, Via Barellai 3, Viareggio (LU)
Phone: 0584 32073

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Les événements ont lieu: Bagno artiglio Via barellai 3 55049 (LU)

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