Licciana Nardi

Licciana Nardi, with its typical villages and castles (castelli), with its beautiful church and ancient castle, is located not far away from Comano. The districts to be visited are: Terrarossa with its castle in restoration; Monti with the Malaspina manor house; Bastia, residence of Annetta Malaspina. Also to be visited in Monti: the church of Venelia. To be seen: the village of Panicale, with the mansion of the di Medici, l’Apella home of the house of the Nardi family, the village of Tavernelle with its old shops, and finally Pontebosio with its castle.

Region Тоскана
Zone Луниджана
Area Licciana Nardi
ZIP CODE 54016
District Massa-Carrara
Surface 55,68 km²
Inhabitants 4 944
Hamlets Apella, Bastia, Cisigliana, Monti, Panicale, Pontebosio, Taponecco, Tavernelle, Terrarossa, Varano.
GPS 44°16′N 10°02′E

Useful Number

Emergency Tel. 118
Sea Emergency Tel. 1530
Emergency medical Service Tel. 118
Police Tel. 113
Carabinieri Tel. 112
Fire Fighters Tel. 115
Police Tel. 113

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