September Fest

Every year, the largest and most important beer feast in pure German style takes place in the fair complex of Marina di Carrara. A Bavarian team takes care of the event in collaboration with Italian locals. It is a cultural exchange between the two twin cities of Carrara and Ingolstadt that has been taking place since 1962. The city of Carrara, organises each year in Baviera the wine feast. During the event, it is possible to taste three types of beer along with the typical Bavarian dishes: blond beer, dark beer and Weizen beer. The beer, as tradition now has it, arrives fresh by a special tanker that maintains it at ideal temperature.

There are of course orchestras that play the typical music of the Bavarian popular feasts and ballet companies that present their traditional dances, involving the public. The twinning has then been extended to the small Scottish town of Kirkald, which participates with its own bagpipers. To conclude this evening dedicated to beer, Bavarian food, music and folklore, it is possible to buy really original souvenirs.

Locality Марина ди Каррара
Zone Апуан побережье
Region Тоскана
ZIP CODE 54033
District Massa-Carrara

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