Children's rights and the pandemic

10 September 2020
13 September 2020
18:00 - 23:30


Children and the pandemic

The Con-vivere Festival and the rights of children

The educational crisis, children and their rights will have two important focuses within the Con-vive Festival, scheduled from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 September.

The first, with professor Paola Milani and the conference Children after the pandemic. Needs, rights, vulnerabilities and new paths for action, scheduled for Sunday 13 September at 6.00 pm in the garden of Palazzo Binelli.

The theme of school and the right to education will instead be at the center of the speech by Franco Lorenzoni (elementary teacher and founder of the Cenci house-laboratory, a center for educational experimentation) in dialogue with the scientific consultant of the Chiara Saraceno Festival on “The duties of adults and the school to guarantee children's rights”, Saturday 12 September at 9.30 pm at the Palazzo Binelli garden.


Paola Milani is full professor of Social Pedagogy and Pedagogy of Families, winner of the ITWIIN Award for inventive and innovative women in 2018 for the Capacity Building category, Italian representative of the European Family Support Network of the European Commission. Research leader of the Research and Intervention Laboratory in Family Education of the University of Padua, head of PIPPI, the Intervention Program to Prevent Institutionalization, the largest program ever funded in the history of social policies in Italy for the fight against family vulnerability, awarded as the best project in the area of ​​inequality reduction at the 2019 Sustainable Public Administration Award and as the first European project for the Methods and Tools section at the European Social Network Award 2019. Author of more than 250 scientific publications, both nationally and international, including Education and Families. Research and new practices for parenting, for the Carocci types.


Franco Lorenzoni He was master elementary for 40 years. In 1980 he founded the Cenci house-laboratory in Amelia: an educational research site that promotes school camps and residential training internships for teachers on ecological, scientific and intercultural issues. For this activity in 2011 she received, together with Roberta Passoni, the Lo Straniero Award. He collaborates with the magazines, Educational Cooperation, Gli Asini, La vita scolastica and with the newspaper la Repubblica. In 2020 he received an honorary degree from the Bicocca University of Milan. Active in the Educational Cooperation Movement, he published, among others, L’ospite Bambino (Perugia 2002); With the sky in the eyes (Molfetta 2009); Children think big (Palermo 2014); Orfeo, the nymph Syringe and the crazy percussion of the Coribanti (Tolentino 2017); When the animals went on foot (Rome 2018); Children are watching us (Palermo 2019).

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