Buy Toscana Bond to get a Big Discount from 15% to 50% for your holiday

Toscana Bond are vouchers issued by tourist operator/facility. By purchasing a Toscana Bond you are purchasing a voucher, which is not associated with a particular service, but with the purchase value.

Toscana Bonds are purchased today at a DISCOUNTED price and can be used by the expiry date obtaining a HIGHER VALUE, that is the nominal value.

Toscana Bonds can only be used at the selected tourist facility to pay the price of a reservation or part of it.

Toscana Bonds are valid from the date of issue until the date of last use (Redemption Date) set in 6, 12 or 18 months. They cannot be returned, redeemed for cash or exchanged for other goods and / or services.

You can DONATE Toscana Bond to another person.

Toscana Bonds can be paid by credit card or bank transfer directly to the accommodation immediately after purchase.

Toscana Bond is an idea born from Vacanze in Versilia ®