A sunset book

Where will the event take place?

The event will take place at Bagno Artiglio in Viareggio


The 26-07-2017 until 16-08-2017


Starting at 20:00 to22:00


Go back to the review A Book at Sunset, organized by the Associazione Culturale Nati per scrivere, to promote and support the authors of our territory. The third edition will begin on 26 July 2017 and will continue for four weeks, always on Wednesday evening at 20.00, at Bagno Artiglio, on the Viareggio Passage to the Sea, with the aim of enhancing the local writers in pleasant cultural inter-cultural evenings.

The program of the event involves the alternation of various literary genres, in the presence of writers who will present their recent and past works, conversing with the presenters and the public, who will be able to taste the aperitifs of Bagno Artiglio in an informal cultural evening. The inauguration is entrusted to the Viareggino Aperitif, Wednesday, July 26, which will see the authors of Traces. Five Steps in Versilia , an anthology published by the Nati Writing Association that collects five stories set between Viareggio and Versilia, stories of different genres that are shared by the environment, which each writer has reprocessed according to his own taste. During the event, some of the extracts from the original TOF group will be read and interpreted.

The Aperitif of the Mystery will take place on Wednesday, August 2, a women's event that will host Daniela Tresconi, author of the historical mystery The Line of Destiny, edited by Panesi Edizioni and set in the medieval village of Arcola, and Chiara Boschi, who will present Rousse crime. Ronvoli's crimes, a yellow edited by Dark Zone Edizioni. Two novels of mysterious and captivating plots, united by the nostalgic setting.

Wednesday, August 9, will be the turn of the Fantasy Aperitif, with Romina Bramanti and her dream novel The Guardian of the Hearts, edited by Young Holden Editions, Sognator's journey to save the world, and Alessio Del Debbio, who will present his New novel Ulfhednar War, Editions Il Ciliegio, a contemporary urban fantasy inspired by Nordic mythology and set in a Tuscany populated by wolves and sorcerers.

The show will be closed on Wednesday, August 16th, the Aperitivo Musicale, in the presence of many authors of the Jukebox. Tales of Music , edited by Nati to write, ten themed music themes that every writer has interpreted in his own way. During the event, some of the extracts from the original TOF group will be read and interpreted.

All the meetings will be coordinated by the writers Alessio Del Debbio and Elena Covani and will take place at Bagno Artiglio, in Via Barellai 3, one of the seaside resorts of the Passeggiata a Mare di Viareggio, at 8 pm, an opportunity to relax and to know some writers of the territory. During the evenings, to offer an original show, you will be offered entertainment moments, inspired by evening books, with games and prizes.

To keep up-to-date on events and any changes, the Facebook page of the A Sunset Book page is on the web with the program and many curiosity about the authors and their novels.

Useful information:

Event sponsored by: Nati per scrivere

Telephone: +39 0584 32073

Website: http://natiperscrivere.webnode.it/

How to get to "Bagno Artiglio"

Via barellai 3 55049 (LU)

Get road information starting from:

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