Camaiore Located in a big basin at the foot of the first spurs of The Apuan Alps, Camaiore is closed towards the sea by a soft hills chain, which separates it from the coast plain. Camaiore is only 8 km far from Viareggio and Pietrasanta; it is only 16 km far from Forte dei Marmi and 24 km from Lucca.

These places are easily reachable from Pietrasanta thanks to comfortable roads and highways. Many towns are situated on the hills around Camaiore, all worthy to be visited. Moreover some of them own a lot of particularly valuable monuments and interesting facilities. After having visited Camaiore's historical centre and the neighbouring Benedictin Abbey, you could witness the manifacturing of wrought iron by the Ferreria di Candalla, whose hammer is still water-functioning. Moreover you could visit the ancient Romanic church in Pieve and walk through the woods in Lucese, where the most ancient human settlements of this zone were found.

The abbey in Camaiore

Just out the town centre, toward the mountains, is St. Peter Abbey, founded by the Benedictin monks (VIII-XIII century). This is characterized by the typical Romanic architecture (three waves and a bell-tower) and you can reach it passing through a wonderful thirteen century portal which is still keeping a part of the walls limiting the monastery.


Proceeding towards Lucca along the Freddana provincial road and just after Camaiore's historical town-centre, the road starts climbing and you can see beautiful sightseeings of Camaiore's basin at every sharp turn. Once you reach Montemagno pass (224 mt) the roads starts sloping sweetly towards the shadowy Freddana valley. After La Rena, a place where is the road from Massarosa, the road keeps climbing with continuous bends until the uncient village situated on Calvario's mountain slope (492 mt. above sea level). This village, made by many old houses clung to the rock one next to the other, is inhabited by people probably from Emilia Romagna and experts in iron and copper manufacture. This zone have constituted a linguistic area in which the Gaul-Roman dialect was spoken until recent times.

The church in Camaiore

Proceeding along the way towards Lucca after about 20 km. you come across the fork towards a place nemed Pieve where is the church devoted to St. John and St. Steven. This Romanic building, built during the XIIth century, has a bell-tower with mullioned windows on three different floors. The baptismal font inside was originally a precious Roman stone coffin belonging to the tird century .

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